Who is already on board

Who is already on board

Are you the one?

As with most challenges, the real difficulty comes in the planning and preparation. The financial costs are high, and the team requires support from sponsors who could provide money/equipment/services and would value having their name associated with our project. Financial support is required to help cover the (leasing) costs of the boat, equipment, shipping, entry fees, clothing and other miscellaneous items. It is estimated that a budget of €120.000 is required. The higher the figure, the more competitive the boat and associated equipment would be, increasing the chances of winning.

So to make this adventure happen we are looking for partners who will cooperate with us. This can be in services, materials and of course… donations. We can work with you to identify how your brand, product or service can best be incorporated within the campaign and how it can support your own marketing initiatives.

The World's Toughest Row is a fast growing race with a lot of media attention. The race is becoming more famous and therefore it gets more and more screening time on TV, internet, radio, newspapers and will be the talk of the town. Worldwide! When you would become our sponsor, your service or product will receive great national and international media attention over the next two years.

Imagine your logo/brand and colors on our boat crossing the Atlantic ocean. A lot of exposure for your brand and company to everyone who follows this epic journey.

Contact us at to find out more about the many different possibilities!